Work package 6 Dissemination, communication and networking activities

This work package will disseminate the activities and results of the project to target audiences (experts, public, policy makers…) in order to present the project as a driving force in the blue and circular economy.

Work package 7 Project coordination and management

This work package is in charge of the general coordination of the project (administrative, financial and legal management). It also covers the protection of data and intellectual property.

Work package 4 Processing and product validation

This work package will study the regulatory aspects of the new ingredients and products developed. It will also validate the formulations in order to produce them on a pilot scale.

Work package 5 Sustainability, exploitation and market outreach

This work package will identify opportunities and recommendations for building a viable and sustainable business model. It will work on a market analysis to identify opportunities and recommendations. Sustainability and economic viability will be assessed for the processes developed by CICALGAE as well as the bioactive molecules in the food, feed and cosmetics markets. This work package also addresses consumer acceptance of algae consumption and its derived end products.

Work package 1 Algae as new raw materials for biorefinery

Through a wider photography of the algae industry, this work package aims to identify gaps and opportunities for the development of a sustainable biorefinery. It will also work on an assessment of cultivation parameters and their potential optimization for theses biorefineries.

Work Package 2 Demo extraction of added-value ingredients from algae by-products

This work package aims to produce high value biomolecules from algae by-products by optimizing the extractions and streamlining the processes. The final objective is to upscale the production of the selected extracts, including pretreatment, extraction and downstream.

Work Package 3 Characterization of bioactive ingredients and development of suitable formulations

This work package will first define the requirements/expectations for the final products. It will select the most suitable ingredients in terms of nutritional contribution, bioactivity and safety. These ingredients will be used to develop new formulations in the food, feed and cosmetics sectors.

Project organization
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