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Report of the current algae industry in Europe

During the first semester of the CIRCALGAE project, CEVA produced one of the first deliverable of the project by writing the “Report of the current algae industry in Europe” in the WP1.

This comprehensive report gathers all information as to algae production and uses in Europe, pointing out volumes, species, regions, uses and biomass streams generated. It is divided in several sections according to algae types and production technologies (macroalgae, microalgae cyanobacteria and Labyrinthulomycetes), as well as downstream uses for ingredient production and algae-based products. Recent evolutions were also evaluated (sourcing constraints, new players, emerging processes) to anticipate future shifts in raw materials availability and quality.

This photography of the European algae landscape will help identify gaps and possible synergies and mark potential opportunities for new biorefineries.

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