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Selected extracts from Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis), produced in the context of CIRCALGAE

CIRCALGAE innovative products will contain ingredients directly extracted from algae residues, which are aimed to (partially or totally) replace existing ingredients for more sustainable or natural ingredients, or add new functionalities to existing products.  As a first milestone, a report on the “Definition of Requirements and Specifications for Final Products” was delivered in September. This report was crucial to define targeted properties of the final products, information which directly feeds on the biorefinery extraction protocols in WP2.

These targeted specifications encompassed compositional, rheological, nutritional, sensory or bioactive targeted properties for each of the 12 demonstrators created within CIRCALGAE suiting food, feed or cosmetic applications. The characterization of the by-products produced by the macro- and microalgae has been also completed and partners involved in WP3 are now devoted to characterize the technological and functional properties of the extracts generated within the biorefinery process.

We hope we can deliver the novel, nutritious, functional and sustainable ingredients of the future!


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