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First anniversary of the CIRCALGAE project

The event gave all the partners an opportunity to review the progress of the project and the results produced after one year, to understand the challenges for the next 6 months and to highlight the role of each partner.

Alongside the working meeting, the partners visited the facilities of Etika Spirulina, an urban spirulina farm based at Villeneuve d’Ascq.


As convivial exchanges are an integral part of European projects, Aquimer also introduced the partners to the culture and gastronomy of Northern France, by taking them to a typical restaurant, an “estaminet”, in the region.


The meeting was also the opportunity for CEVA and AQUIMER for organising the first workshop of the project. The topic of this event was the harvesting and cultivation of macro-algae in Europe, and featured testimonials from various European companies. The workshop replay will be available soon


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