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CIRCALGAE training action June 11,12 and 13 2024 at CEVA, Pleubian, France

As part of the European CIRCALGAE project, actions to disseminate results and share knowledge about algae are taking place throughout the project. The first CIRCALGAE training sessions took place at CEVA June 11,12 &13. Europe was in attendance, with 18 trainees from England, Ireland, Spain, France and even Iceland. These 3 days were rich in presentations, tasting and exchanges. 

The course attracted companies working on microalgae, macroalgae and cyanobacteria but also some project leaders.  

The profiles ranged from producers of microalgae or macroalgae, to companies in the food supplement sector, as well as suppliers of algal ingredients for the food industry and even equipment (LEDs) for plant cultivation. 

Thanks to presentations by 5 CEVA’s experts (Sarah Bouchemousse, Amance Corat, Florence Dufreneix, Aurélie Rousset and Hélène Marfaing) project sponsors were able to get an overview of the algae industry, understand the challenges and weaknesses of the business and application and discover the most dynamic markets at the moment. 

A tour of the technical facilities at CEVA provided an insight into CEVA’s technical expertise and the solutions it offers for the completion of projects: environmental and analytical laboratories, hatchery, culture rooms for macroalgae and microalgae and pilot plant.  

The trainees left with knowledge contacts and ideas for their future businesses.  

This training programme has been awarded the EMDinmycountry label! All of this knowledge has been extracted from deliverable produced by CEVA, which provides an overview of the sector at European level. This deliverable will be available to the public in the near future, so keep updated!  

Besides, the next training session will be in 2026 about CIRCALGAE project results. See you there!  


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