CIRCALGAE training action June 11,12 and 13 2024 at CEVA, Pleubian, France

As part of the European CIRCALGAE project, actions to disseminate results and share knowledge about algae are taking place throughout the project. The first CIRCALGAE training sessions took place at CEVA June 11,12 &13. Europe was in attendance, with 18 trainees from England, Ireland, Spain, France and even Iceland. These 3 days were rich in presentations, tasting and exchanges.

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Scientific article

Advances within CIRCALGAE project are also patent in the scientific production. Although more is yet to come in 2024, CSIC already released three scientific articles in 2023 related to the exploitation of alginate within a biorefinery.

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Algas as new raw materials for biorefinery

Work Package 1 (WP1) is focused on optimizing the cultivation and harvesting parameters for both microalgae and macroalgae. The project partners—A4F, IGV, Roquette, and CEVA—have evaluated these parameters to achieve high yields of biomass and the desired microalgae ingredients. These ingredients are then recovered at each partner's dedicated biorefinery.

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